MABIA AKHTER SIMANTO-A Patriotic Bangladeshi Weightlifter

সফলতার গল্প সাক্ষাৎকার সার্চ ইংলিশ

WRITTEN BY- DR.FAHREEN: International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.
Here is the one who is serving our country  internationally.

At the 2016 South Asian Games at Guwahati, India–  a young girl was crying holding her

gold medal in a salute position to show her respect while Bangladesh national anthem was being played.

She was emotional, happy and excited.

Her name was Mabia Akhter Simanto, who won Gold Medal in weightlifting  63kg weight category.

Her preparation started from August 8th,2015.  She was determined to do better while practicing for upcoming event. Her hard work and determination paid off. At the 2015 Commonwealth Games held in Pune, India, she won her first gold medal.

From that event her desire to do better only grew and she planned to take her performance into next level. Unfortunately sheinjuredher hand but that could not stop her from participating at the South Asian Games. Her mental strength, dedication and passion helped her to take this decision and she achieved the best result and brought gold for our country.

Even now, she becomes very emotional remembering those moments. “I could not give my best. I wish I could do even better.” She did not even know how good she was.

When she heard that she won the gold medal at her event,she burst out with joy.Her own country’s national anthem was playing because of her achievement. This is one of the most memorable days of her life and people came to know about that event by the help of social media.

Inspired by her maternal uncle Kazi Shahadat Hossain, she got into weight lifting. In 2011, Mabia injured her head while practicing.

Then she determined that she will not return without any good achievement from this stage.
Mabia struggled a lot in her life and saw lots of ups and downs. Despite she continued her practice at any cost.

In 2014 she could not participate at the Olympic games. That was the biggest regret of her life.But in 2016, after winning the gold in South Asian Games, her life has been changed and moved into a next step.
She overcomes her financial condition and got lots of fame and attention from media after south Asian Games in 2016.

She had the chance to meet our honorable Prime Minister which was another big achievement in her life. According to her, everyone has his/her own ability to serve the society. It is not necessary that everyone has to become a doctor or engineer. There is no shortcut in life. Anyone can achieve his/her goal with his hard work and dedication which leads to serve the society as well.

When asked about her future plan,she said that she wants to participated at the 2018 Commonwealth  games in Australia. She gave the credit of her success to her coach Biddyut Kumar Roy, Mr.Farukh Shekh Kajol, Shahriar Sultana  Shuchi, and Colonel Shahidul Islam.

Fedaration Secretary Wing Commander  Mohiuddin Ahmed made her path easy so that she can achieve her target.

She was born at 7th August 1999 at Dhaka.

Nineteen years old Mabia Akhter Shimanto took Bangladesh to a top level to the world by her tremendous job.  We salute her for her great achievement.

This article on written by  DR.FAHREEN HANNAN

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