Ten famous Tourist Spots of Bangladesh

DBN24 Content Writer : Anupama Sarkar

Bangladesh has some of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. There are many places with abundant natural beauty and many historical sites as well. Every year, many people from Bangladesh and abroad visit these places. Today, I share with you some of most attractive tourist destinations in our country.


  1. Paharpur:

Popularly known as Paharpaur, it is actually ruins of a renowned ancient Buddhist Monastery called Somapura Mahavihara. In ancient Bengal, this was one of the renowned institutions of Buddhist religion. Somapura was one of the top five institutions along with Vikramashila, Nalanda, Odantapurā and Jaggadala. Somapura is located at Naogaon district in northern Bangladesh. In 1985, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This monastery was built by the second Pala king Dharmapala of Pala Dynasty. The monastery is built on a quadrangular area. The north-south side measures 274.15 meter and east-west side measures 273.70 meters. There were 177 monastic cells.

  1. Mahasthangarh:

Mahasthangarh is the most attractive tourist destination in North Bengal. In Bangla, “Mahasthan” means a place of excellent sanctity and “Garh” means fort. Established in 300 BCE, this place was basically an ancient fort.  It is also the oldest urban archaeological site of Bangladesh. Mohasthangarh’s previous name was Pundrunagar. It was the capital of Pundravardhan. The great Mauryan emperor Ashok selected the capital name Pundravardhan. Mahasthangarh is situated in Shibganj thana, Bogra dist. The ruins of the old citadel is 1500 meter long on northern and eastern side and 1400 meter. The citadel is located on one of the highest land areas of Bangladesh. The area is 36 meter high from sea level.

  1. Cox’s Bazar sea beach:

To many people, Cox’s Bazar is the most attractive tourist destination in Bangladesh. The one hundred twenty kilometers long sea beach with gentle slope is the longest in the world. It is situated in Cox’s Bazar district. During high tide the beach is 200 metres (660 ft) wide and 400 metres wide. It is a perfect place for sea bathing which is why it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country every year. Visiting sea beach will not be completed without taking photos with natural environment.

  1. St. Martin’s Island:

St. Martin’s Island is a very beautiful coral island located in the northwest of Bay of Bengal. Lots of coconuts tree are available here. It is known as Narikel Jinjira to the local people. Its size is about 8 square kilometers. The island is surrounded by huge black stone. The crystal clear water, rich biodiversity and unpolluted nature attracts lots of tourists.  There are many trees such as keya, khalshi, khirpa, horjonga, jhao etc. Local people of the island earn their livelihood by selling fish.

  1. Bandarban:

Bandarban district is famous for its hilly rivers and forests.  It is a small town of Chittagong hill tracts. The Sangu river entered Bandarban district and finally fall into the Bay of  Bengal.  There are many tourist spots such as Chimbuk hill, Ruma bazar, Rajuk water fall,  Prantik lake, Rajbari museum, Nilachol, Nilgiri, Buddha dhatu jadi,  Meghla resort, Sangu river, Thanchi soilo propat etc.

  1. Kuakata sea beach :

Kuakata sea beach is the most wonderful sea beach in Bangladesh. This sea beach is situated in Potuakhali district.  It is about 18 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide. Visitors can enjoy the unobstructed view of sunrise and sunset. In the 18th century, Rakhine tribes settled here in search of drinking water. There are many coconut trees and Jhao forest besides the sea beach.


  1. The Sundarbans:

Spreading over 10,000 square kilometers, the Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. 6000 square kilometers fall in Bangladesh while 4000 square kilometers fall in West Bengal of India. In 1997, the Sundarbans was declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The forest is home to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, the national animal of Bangladesh. According to 2011 tiger census, there are 180 tigers. The forest derived its name from Heritiera littoralis locally known as “Sundari Tree.” There are other animals like crocodiles, snake, king cobras, lizards etc. There are various trees such Goran, Genwa, Dhundal, Garjan, Kankra, Sundari etc.

  1. Sylhet:

Sylhet is a metropolitan city located in northeast Bangladesh. It is known for its beautiful tea gardens, paddy fields and forests.  Two rivers the Surma and the Kushiara passed through Sylhet.  There are many tourist spots such as Jaflong, Sripur, Jaintapur, The Museum of Hason Raja, Temple of Sri Chaittayana Dev, and Tamabil.

Another great tourist attraction of Sylhet is the Haor area also known as backswamp. These are basically shallow areas. During monsoon season (July-September) water from the river falls into these haors. During winter, the water dries up and green land appears.


  1. Khagrachori:

Khagrachori is district in Chittagong Hill Tracts. This place is a great tourist attraction with hills, hilly roads, forests, waterfalls, Sajek valley, hanging bridge and local tribes. The nature and environment will refresh your body and mind.


  1. Shat Gombuj Masjid:

The Shat Gombuj Masjid is the most attractive tourist destination in southern part of Bangladesh. It is the greatest archaeological mosque in Bangladesh. It is located in Bagerhat city under Khulna division.  It is also a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO in 1983. “Shat” means sixty and “Gambuz” means “Dome.” The mosque has sixty domes.

These tourist destinations are very attractive in our country. Every year, many people come to visit these spots.







(Anupama Sarkar is the Head of Content of Search English)



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