Tonight I have participated another really great workshop.

শিক্ষা সাক্ষাৎকার সার্চ ইংলিশ

a This workshop also made another history in search English. Our one of diligence group member jannat apu made a conversation one hour for the first time in her life. she never talk even 5 minutes in English before the workshop. but after doing the workshop I think she become very much confident and encourage to speak and made this history of speaking.

Speaking skill is considered an authentic skill to the peoples specially in a country like Bangladesh where Fear and shame is the biggest obstacles to learn English. Here is hardly found any fluent speaker in English. So peoples would like to give extra care to them who have a better skill in speaking.

We really forget about that English is language which is used by millions of peoples in worldwide. It’s become the most useful language to communicate with others. But we always take it as a subject for memorising and passing in the Examination. That’s the reasons after studying 12 or even 16 years we aren’t feel comfortable to using this languages.

Human brain have a stability of catching any kind of language and it’s produced by the God that there is set up language acquiring device which can gradually take the language which the peoples of our surrounding usually speak. and that’s the reason we don’t need to learn from any course to tell our mother tongue. even a person who have no education can speak very fluently into his or her mother language.

The main reasons are behind to speak fluently our mother language that we are listening always what others have been speaking around us from our childhood. That’s why the words that we usually listened can grab our brain very well.
There are two way we can listened others word
1. hearing
2. Listening
Hearing mean to listen something unconsciously that will really effective way to improve your capability of listening power. You can able to listen long times by hearing. When you do any type of work you can hear any kind of program in TV or Fm radio which is based in English speech.
The other thing way to listen consciously. Normally that would be much more effective if you have a little power of understanding then you could listen very comfortably by watching a movie or cartoon as well. It help you to be attach more with language and help to become fluent speaker in English.

Reading also play a big part of enhance the skill of speaking. if you are a fluent reading then you can understand any articles easily and the words are always spearing in your mind. so this effects are fall in when you are listen any words or speech. so try enrich your reading power to become a better listener.

A listener is always a great speaker. listening is working as a input and normally 95% of input are helping us to be improved and others 5% output would help us to express through in our speaking. so it would better to become a good listener first speaking will happen automatically.