Dr. Jaria Afrin Chowdhury: A Highly Successful Health Professional

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Dr. Jaria Afrin Chowdhury: A Highly Successful Health Professional

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

This article on written by  DR.FAHREEN HANNAN  BDS,MPH

It was not an easy start. A topper all her life, she missed being in the combined top 20 merit list only for a few marks in HSC.  She became even more determined to pass the medical entrance exam. The incentive to study in the top medical college in the country (Dhaka Medical College) also came for her absolute determination and passion. She secured 7th position in the written test of very competitive medical entrance exam, and was among top 35 students nationwide (among thousands of students). Today, Dr. Jaria Afrin Chowdhury is a highly successful health professional.

After successfully completing her MBBS degree, she left for USA with her husband. It was another difficult journey of her life.

Dr. Jaria Afrin Chowdhury


There are mainly four stages before getting license to practice in medical profession in USA. Passing every stage was a big challenge. It takes lots of time and preparation. There is also the matter of expenditure. In order to support oneself one can do part time jobs along with research works. Obtaining residency in USA is a highly competitive process. Dr. Jaria Afrin successfully completed the process. I asked her “A woman has to take care of her family, children and fulfill different social roles. Moreover, you chose a profession that requires lot of hard work and dedication in a country like the United States. How did you do it?” She answered that hard work and setting one’s priorities are very important. Also her positive attitude and perseverance helped her to come so far.

For Bangladeshi women, she said living a healthy life, both physically and mentally is the main motto of life. Anyone can do her best from her position and contribute to the advancement of the country.

She says ‘Seeking mental health care being a stigma in our country for years, where mental illness are just like any other illness that get better with proper treatment.

She really loves to take this challenging yet rewarding profession that can truly touch and change many lives’.

Dr.Jaria Afrin Chowdhury  is now working as a psychiatrist in University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. She also worked as a researcher in few hospital s in USA.
Her husband Dr. Ragib Hasan is a famous computer scientist and is working as an associate professor in the same university. This couple is blessed with a son Zaayan and a daughter Zoyee.


Dr.Jaria was born on March 13in Chittagong.  She obtained 12th position on the combined merit list in SSC board exam which was one of the most memorable days of her life. She loves singing, cooking and gardening. Her father is a renowned architect Ahmed Jinnur Chowdhury, who designed the Chittagong martyr monument (শহীদমিনার). Her mother Mrs. Lutfunnesa Chowdhury is a homemaker. Her brother studied at BUET. He is currently doing hisPh.D in USA. She dreams to work on mental health awareness in Bangladesh someday.